Mods that Transform Minecraft into a Realistic Survival Game!

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Hey guys! In this video, I’ve put together some mods which increase the survival aspect of Minecraft, adding some new mechanics when it comes to health, thirst and temperature. Quite a lot of these mods work together nicely, and they’re all compatible with eachother, and can all be played running alongside eachother. I know other mods such as TerraFirmaCraft exist, but these ones should help you stick more to the Vanilla side of the game. I tested these mods with Minecraft 1.12.2 using Forge.


Tough As Nails:
Serene Seasons:
Biomes o’ Plenty:
Realistic Torches:
Hardcore Darkness:
Dynamic Surroundings:
Recurrent Complex:
Roguelike Dungeons:
Rough Tweaks:
Wearable Backpacks:
Food Funk:
Canny Composter:

Also Mo’ Bends for animations:
0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Tough as Nails
0:43 – Serene Seasons
1:09 – Nutrition
1:37 – Animania
2:01 – Biomes of Plenty
2:25 – Realistic Torches
2:51 – Hardcore Darkness
3:12 – Blood Moon
3:30 – Dynamic Surroundings
3:52 – Recurrent Complex & Ruins
4:14 – Roguelike Dungeons
4:37 – Reskillable
5:07 – Rough Tweaks
5:30 – Wearable Backpacks
5:51 – Food Funk
6:15 – Outro

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