[PS1] Tokyo Mew Mew: A New Mew Appears! Part 1 (English Sub)

[PS1] Tokyo Mew Mew: A New Mew Appears! Part 1 (English Sub)

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Now that my first Digimon playthrough is finished, I can start on the next project, which is Tokyo Mew Mew for the playstation! This is just the introduction part, so lots of exposition~

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English battle guide!

(From the Tokyo Mew Mew Wiki)
「The game follows the Mew Mews as they meet a lonely girl named Ringo Akai. Her mother is deceased and though she lives with her brother, her only proper friend is her pet penguin Yuki. As the game progresses, Ringo warms up to the Mew Mews and they become good friends.」

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