We BUILT Hypixel A Skywars Map…

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took 6 hours but we built a hypixel skywars map lol…..

subnscibe or i will build you…



Current Set-up ✗

○ Keyboard – Razer Blackwidow Chroma v2
◘ Mouse – Logitech G502 Hero Edition
• Mouse Pad – Steelseries
• Monitor – AOC 27G2G4 144Hz Gaming monitor

✗ Specs ✗

CPU: Ryzen 3800x OC to 4.5GHz
GPU: GTX 1660Ti OC +1500Mhz
RAM: 16GB 3000MHz

✗ Recording Software ✗
OBS (1080p 540FPS)

In this video I am playing minecraft hypixel ranked skywars. Ranked Skywars is a competitive gamemode on the hypixel server and is similar to its main gamemode (skywars).. Ranked skywars consists of four players and has different maps as opposed to skywars itself. Ranked skywars has a rating system where the order goes, wood division, stone division, iron division, gold division, diamond division, and finally masters division which features the top 10 Ranked skywars players. Ranked skywars has a lot of cheaters especially in this season (season 52). Thanks for watching this hypixel minecraft pvp epic video which isn’t skyblock! :DDD

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